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AMERICAN ZEN MONASTERY and private school. Sunday Meetings, workshops, group meetings, small events. Openings for Novitiate Zen Monks (M/F/T age 10-up) starting January 1, 2016, 365-day year.


Hours, Meetings, Tea Service, Weddings






CALENDAR OF EVENTS including Novitiates Schedule







This is an American Zen Monastery, teaching a scientific path to self-discovery and enlightenment with very little homage paid to religious or cultural traditions. The monastery has resident Novitiate American Zen Monks who are supported by parents or Scholarship Sponsors. You can sponsor a Monk with a scholarship named after you.

Over time, we graduate American Zen Monks who by their very presence radiate peace to the people and the world around them. They are fearless, they are focused, and they are free. Okay, so we are just beginning to do that, but that is our capability.

We are far from alone in this work. Advancing humanity little by little is a worldwide effort made up of millions of small organizations like ours. In our specific case, we are using our expertise in the art of attaining enlightenment. We all use what we have.

Locally, we provide a peaceful environment that relieves stress and restores balance for local executives and other VIPs who make decisions that affect many people. Instead of a trip to the gym to work out, they come to us to relax their minds and restore themselves.

If they get serious about self-discovery, they can attend our various workshops.



We intended to have a video ready for you, but instead we have the following tour which is basically what the video will present to you but which is much more lame. The video will come, in time.


The Sufi George Mission is developing the American Zen Monastery in Phoenix, Arizona. We hope you find us worthy of your tax-deductible support.

Teahouse in the Bamboo Garden of the American Zen Monastery

Our property features a bamboo garden with a maze. The bamboo needs to grow another year to achieve its intended effect of completely surrounding someone walking the maze. There is a charming Zen teahouse in the middle. We expect a revenue stream from tea service and small group meetings in the teahouse. It is named The Teahouse in the Bamboo Garden of the American Zen Monastery.

A future Budget Milestone includes a block wall along the back and side of the bamboo garden to shield us from neighbors.

You step down into the bamboo garden and then must turn left or right. As soon as you turn, you are engulfed with bamboo. You can see only bamboo in every direction. Well, not yet, but let it grow another year and you’ll be in the thick of it.

If you are going directly to the teahouse, turn left and go to the west entrance.

If you are taking the meditation walk, turn right. In this direction, the bamboo reaches out to caress you as you walk along the maze. This is stress-relieving communion with nature. Just you and the bamboo whispering to each other. This is a longer walk than turning left.

There are three entrances to the teahouse from the maze.

As you might expect, one of the activities in the teahouse is tea service. Members and guests may reserve the teahouse for an afternoon tea with a few friends.

The teahouse is used for small group meetings, quiet reading and writing, and meditation. And quiet conversation if no one else minds.

Weddings in the teahouse are popular with couples who want something different.

Sufi George Mission

The Sufi George Mission, now a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation registered for tax and zoning reasons as a church, has been active on the web and with Sufi George books since 1988. Its highest goal is to help more people become enlightened and so make the world work a little better.

Our Consciousness Management workshops lead members on a path of scientific advances to update their common sense about truth. The American Zen Monastery has a living enlightened teacher and so does not follow traditions, preferring to follow a relaxed American lifestyle--in between study hours.

The Property

The spacious deck overlooks a raw desert front yard and has a 20-mile view of the city.


The reception area is at the front entrance. This is where arrivals are welcomed and registered.

The main building has half a dozen areas for activities such as workshops and meditation groups.

There is a theater room with a piano and conversation pit. In our theater room, we have lucid dreaming workshops. Lucid dreaming is a shortcut skill leading to enlightenment.

Several other workshops and events are also conducted in the theater room. This room also has a bar sink, and a big screen home theater.

The meditation room is multipurpose. It has power recliners with massage and an exercise machine.

The patio room looks out upon the bamboo garden. It is a peaceful spot to curl up with a good book, or with a computer and homework.

These are the offices.

This is the photo studio.

Monks are admitted in part based on their interest in pursuing a media arts education. When they feel ready, they can choose from numerous media positions in an industry where what you can do is much more important than any degrees you may have.

Please agree that we have tickled your interest, and take a look at our 2015 financial needs.

Our Budget Milestones

The 2015 goal of SGM is to make the American Zen Monastery burst into reality as an operating urban Zen monastery and boarding school on January 1, 2016.

Budget Milestone 1--$1500 by 09/01/15--MILESTONE 1 HAS BEEN MET! THANK YOU!
Hire a lawyer to organize Sufi George Mission and American Zen Monastery as a church, conduct the organization meeting, attend to compliance issues, and serve on the Board of Directors as legal counsel. (Zoning for a church is the same as for residential in Phoenix.)


Budget Milestone 2—$20,000 per year by 09/01/15
Hire fundraising coordinator. Research professional fundraising techniques. Focus on crowdfunding web sites, email campaigns and Facebook.

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Budget Milestone 3—$2500 by 09/15/15
Hire a certified public accountant to design SGM financial systems, and serve on the board of directors.

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Budget Milestone 4—$20,000 by 10/15/15
Hire a web developer. Our web sites are primitive compared to what's out there. They serve the basic purpose of presenting information, but we want to look competitive in our presentation, to attract and inform persons who are checking out SGM and American Zen Monastery, and to encourage their financial support.

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Budget Milestone 5—$60,000 for one year by 11/01/15
Hire a marketing/public relations director to promote American Zen Monastery. This person assures that our workshops are 80% filled, our number of resident monks is at least four, and that we are respected in the community. This person also promotes the sales of Sufi George Books.

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Budget Milestone 6--$20,000 plus room and board for one year by 12/15/15
Hire Center/Property Manager. This person will reside at the center and be responsible for training and supervising staff; maintenance of building and grounds; taking phone reservations and maintaining an accurate calendar. This person will greet visitors and register them.

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Budget Milestone 7—$10,000 by 12/01/15 Launch a local media campaign to promote workshops, Sunday Meetings and day school.

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Meeting these Milestones will assure us of a good foundation for a start-up.

We doubt that you have ever considered helping a Zen Monastery. Please consider it now. We need and want you to be part of our growing team of supporters. We've accomplished a lot toward our goal, but now we need your help to finish the work of starting up.

We will thank you for your first $50 donation by sending you the book The Truth at Last! a discourse on generated reality, by George Arthur Lareau (Sufi George).

We will thank you for your monthly donation of $50 or more by sending you a different Sufi George book each month until we run out of titles, and by then we’ll think of something else.

Scholarship Program $2500 a month

We will thank you for your monthly donation of $2500 for a Scholarship in your name to support a resident Monk age m/f/t 10-up. Recipients of your scholarship will be members of the “American Zen Monastery, (Your Name) Order”. Monks live in the monastery one year at a time. They complete their schooling through high school online. They make progress toward becoming Zen masters. You may support up to four monks. Our thanks to you includes free registration for our monastery’s workshops and events, and one reservation for afternoon tea per month (except China’s most expensive tea).

Donors Become Members

Donors make an additional contribution by becoming members of the American Zen Monastery, swelling our numbers. That impresses people.

Membership requires only that (1) you respect the property, and (2) telephone for reservations prior to each visit to the monastery. That’s it. There are no beliefs, rituals or codes. Well, believing in frequency waves helps a lot. Except for that, forget about beliefs. Oh, there is one more. Believing that supporting us is a good thing to do for humanity.


We, George Arthur Lareau and Ye Xing, have purchased and developed this property to be the SGM headquarters and the location of the American Zen Monastery. We have gone about as far as our resources will take us. The project is well underway. The looming needs now are for staff. Your support now will help us maintain our growth momentum. It's the Zen thing to do, but thank you very much anyway!