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The American Zen Monastery is a development of Sufi George Mission and is supported by donations large and small from around the world. Unlike most Zen groups, AZM has a living enlightened teacher on the premises, and so does not import traditions from historic Zen monasteries.

The monastery offers classes and workshops, some of which meet in The Teahouse in the Bamboo Garden of the American Zen Monastery. See the CALENDAR OF EVENTS for complete listings.

The monastery provides a peaceful environment for workshops and meetings. Lucid dreaming is encouraged as a 21st Century shortcut to enlightenment.

The Sufi George Mission facilitates updating common sense with scientific knowledge, and assists in the achievement of enlightenment.

Sufi George Books is also a development of Sufi George Mission. Titles include Sufi George’s writings on Consciousness Management, his science-based path to enlightenment.

Monastery Resources


Photography studio

Theater room with piano.


Kitchen and dining area

Reception area

A bedroom with bath for the property manager.

Photography Gallery


Activities and Programs

  In the American Zen Monastery


Sunday Meeting. OM Chanting, meditation and a discussion about a Zen view of science that dissolves material reality into frequency waves. Open to all AZM members. Register or join in the reception area. Donations are accepted from members only on your way in and on your way out. Parking is in the cu-de-sac and on nearby streets.


Novitiate Zen Monks (m/f/t ages10-up) are being accepted for renewable one-year terms beginning January 1, 2016. Their public education continues online K-12. They receive training in the Zen way of life and a scientific approach to satori or enlightenment. You can sponsor one Novitiate Monk for a $25,000 tax-deductible donation per year, and have their Scholarship named after you.


Understanding Zen Not workshop 10 weeks.

Read and discuss Zen literature, much of it very funny, and all of it designed to snap you into a sudden realization of enlightenment. Sometimes it works. Per person $200 donation.


Lucid Dreaming workshop 10 weeks.

Study scientific approaches to waking up in your dreams and directing them to experience whatever you can imagine, including the enlightenment experience. Per person $250 donation.


Nature of Truth workshop 10 weeks.

Based on Sufi George's Three Peaks, a Model for Understanding Truth. Per person $200 donation.


DVDs of scientific advances. Many public television and other science specials that will reorient your understanding of reality. Ongoing, per person per show $5.00 donation.


Meditation Room with recliners.

Per person per hour $30 donation.


Monthly Group Potluck.

Follows first Sunday Meeting of each month. Per person $10 donation plus a vegetarian dish.


Hanging Out to Chill in available space. Per person per hour $5 donation.


You are not required to donate to enjoy the benefits of AZM membership, which is free to join.


Membership requires only that you respect the property, and telephone for reservations prior to each visit to the monastery. That’s it. There are no beliefs. Well, believing in frequency waves helps a lot. Except for that, forget about beliefs. Oh, there is one more. Believing that supporting us is a good thing to do.


Donors make an additional contribution by becoming members of the American Zen Monastery, by swelling our numbers. That doesn't really mean much but it impresses people.


Entrance to the SGM property is not allowed without a prior telephone or email reservation. Attendance must be limited because of limited parking. Park in the cul-de-sac or on nearby streets. Park legally and walk. No parking on the property. Not responsible for accidents.


For reservations phone: George 602-284-2939.

or Email:


Sufi George Mission also owns and operates Sufi George Books. Here you will find Sufi George’s writings on Consciousness Management, a science-based path to enlightenment.

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