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of Living Nude Statues

 George Arthur Lareau

George Arthur Lareau currently specializes in producing high quality model portfolios for models in Phoenix, Arizona. 

He commanded the adverting and public relations market in downstate Illinois for many years, serving an impressive list of client companies. He was ranked among the world's top 1000 media photographers and is a past-president of ASMP, American Society of Media Photographers, Chicago Chapter (1978-79).

He has taught numerous photography workshops, and authored The Composition Course, Exercises in Visual Reorientation. He was editor-publisher of "Freelance Photographer" magazine.

Korina S Mitchell

Korina S Mitchell is a busy photographer and self-taught Photoshop guru. She is originally from Chicago and recently moved to Phoenix, Arizona with her husband.

In Chicago, she was the photographer for several non-profit organizations and individual clients, and was also in constant demand for high-end wedding and portrait photography.

Korina now works the Phoenix market with her husband, photographing events, models, and families. With her rare combination of creative and organizational skills, Korina has been invaluable in the process of photo manipulation and compilation of Living Nude Statues.