George Arthur Lareau (Sufi George) Biographical Sketch


Occupations, relationships, senses of identity, all flash by in the life of George Arthur Lareau.

Lareau's work days began at age 8 as a shoeshine boy, working the sidewalks and bars of Athol, MA. His business was successful enough to provide the groceries for his family for several years.

As a high school senior in Athol, he was president of seven organizations. He was a licensed Methodist minister at age 16, the youngest in New England, and served as assistant minister of St. Matthew's Methodist Church in Belleville, Illinois, while in college. 

He was a Boston beatnik poet at age 19 and sold his first book, The Hunting Poise, on the sidewalks of Boston. He sold encyclopedias door-to-door and bought his first new car.

He was director of advertising for United Trading Stamp Company in Boston at age 20. He was a dispatcher for an appliance repair company in Washington, D.C. while living with a family from India.

After this busy two-year hiatus, he finished studies for his Bachelor's degree in English at McKendree University and married at age 23 in Amboy, IL. In Amboy, he operated a small letterpress printing shop, and then was a child welfare social worker in Rockford, Illinois.

He starred in and directed plays in college and community theatre in Lebanon, Amboy and Freeport, IL. He edited a magazine for Burgess Battery Company in Freeport, IL, and then moved to Champaign, IL.

In Champaign-Urbana built an ad agency that served a impressive list of clients in downstate Illinois.  He produced and directed films (Jap Ji, Surprising Lake of the Woods), produced and hosted a radio show, produced an audio-visual in Delhi, India, , published a poetry anthology (Poesie), freelanced as a writer-photographer, was a city beat news reporter for the Champaign-Urbana News Gazette, edited two trade magazines (Water Well Journal and Irrigation Journal), owned a print and silkscreen shop, published a trade magazine (Freelance Photographer), and was president of the Chicago chapter of ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers).

He was also an Urbana city department administrator. He was next an estate and financial planner with American Express and authored financial planning software. He established a major group for an Indian guru in Urbana, IL (Ruhani Satsang). He founded a new religion chartered in Arizona (CNASRA, Church of the New Age Spiritual Revolution of America).

In other moves around the country, he sang classical music professionally in St. Petersburg, FL and El Paso, TX, was a systems analyst for the Mass. Dept. of Public Health in Boston, also for McDonnell-Douglas Helicopter Co. in Mesa, AZ, and worked nine telemarketing jobs.

For two years he taught English and managed a foreigners guest house in Tokyo.

In his search for truth about the nature of reality and consciousness, he read over 5000 books, experimented with dozens of paths, and made many personal discoveries. He analyzed the ways that truth is created and wrote Three Peaks, a Model for Understanding Truth.  He explored mystical enlightenment and achieved an experience compatible with the new physics. Then he went to Beijing for six years where he managed the largest oral English school in China.

Returning to Arizona, he worked once again as a child protective services worker, and built a substantial eBay business (Mamamiya! Photo of Tucson). He created Sufi George, authored Mind Blow, Understanding Consciousness, and Sufi George's Coloring Book of Consciousness Management Study Aids, built a popular web site (The Sufi George Phenomenon!), taught classes, made radio and television appearances and gave speeches. He created a science-based dynamic model of consciousness that explains how reality is created and experienced using frequency waves. He created over 50 cartoons which are on

He also authored The Game is Played on a Delicate Foundation and even better poems, When I Was the King (short stories), Second Coming (drama), The Composition Course, Exercises in Visual Reorientation, A Simplified Zone System for 35mm Photography, My 44 Wives, Pinhole Bodyscapes, Sufi George Comix, The Truth At Last, Create Reality with Morphic Robots, and his most recent book Living Nude Statues.

Now semi-retired in Phoenix as a photographic artist, he shoots model portfolios in his studio as well as wall art, and manages his publishing company, Sufi George Books.

Living Nude Statues