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 Living Nude Statues began as my search for great poses for models.

As a specialist in photographing model portfolios, I have relied on poses that the models come up with themselves. However, this produced a lot of rather haphazard images, many of which I was too embarrassed to show. And thus began my search for great poses.

Naturally, the most admired poses are found in museums, so I copied photos of nude female statues from museums around the world to use as posing guides. With this collection of statue poses to use with my models, I was able to create wonderful images.

Then, I wondered what it would be like to turn these photographs of models in statue poses back into statues again, using photo manipulation techniques.

By teaming up with Korina Mitchell, a photographer who has exceptional Photoshop skills, my wondering became wonderment at the results.

This coffee table book includes a dozen Phoenix, Arizona models who worked hard to match the poses they saw in my museum photos of nude female statues.

I photographed these models in front of a green screen and later added digital backgrounds that I obtained from various sources online.

I have selected the ten best photos of each shoot, and with the additional ten for the statue versions, each model is featured on twenty pages in the book.

Each set of photographs is shown on facing pages with the studio shot on the left and its transformation into a statue on the right.

George Arthur Lareau
Phoenix, Arizona
March 31, 2014