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The Teahouse in the Bamboo Garden of the American Zen Monastery

The Teahouse accommodates various activities and gatherings, and offers a private tea service for persons looking for a bit of peace away from busy Phoenix and yet within Phoenix. People come for private meditation or for quiet reading or writing or conversation. Small groups book The Teahouse for a tranquil meeting.

Our property features a bamboo garden with a maze, and there is a Zen teahouse in the middle.

You step down into the bamboo garden and then must turn left or right.

As soon as you turn, you are engulfed with bamboo. You can see only bamboo in every direction. Well, not yet, but let it grow another year and you’ll be in the thick of it.

If you are going directly to the teahouse, turn left and go to the west entrance.

If you are taking the meditation walk, turn right.

In this direction, the bamboo reaches out to caress you as you walk along the maze. This is stress-relieving communion with nature. Just you and the bamboo whispering to each other.

There are three entrances to the teahouse from the maze.

As you might expect, one of the activities in the teahouse is tea service. Guests may reserve the teahouse for an afternoon tea with a few friends.

Weddings in the teahouse are popular with couples who want something different.

 For reservations, phone George at 602-284-2939


Afternoon Tea Service

Selection of teas. Service for six persons per hour per group $50 donation.

The Most Expensive Tea in China

For a limited time, The Teahouse can serve you the most expensive tea in China. It is said that it grows in only one location and that there are only three of these tea trees.  Service for six persons per hour per group $500 donation.

Available for group meetings up to ten persons. Per three hours $50 donation.  

Available for group meditation up to ten persons. Per hour $25 donation.    

Afternoon tea up to six persons. Per hour with service $50 donation.

Weddings up to six family and eight guests. Per three hours with ceremony of your choice, officiant included. $500 donation.


In the Bamboo Garden:

Private meditation walk in the maze. Per hour $40 donation.


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